Saskatoon Bomb Expolosion Rocks Downtown “Low End Of IED Specrum”

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Police and emergency crews were called to the Saskatoon provincial courthouse at 11 PM Wednesday night when a bomb exploded inside the courthouse.

No one was injured in the explosion said police but there was minor damage to the inside of the building.

Police say the bomb wasn’t linked to terrorism or international, but no suspect has been found at the time of writing this.

From the SF:

In a brief emailed statement, justice ministry spokesman Jordan Jackle said the ministry is working with police to determine exactly what happened and who was behind the explosion.

“We are always concerned about the safety of our staff, members of the public and the judiciary,” he wrote.

“We will continue to review our security to make sure our courthouses are safe and secure.”

Saskatoon police Insp. Randy Huisman, speaking at a press conference Thursday morning, acknowledged that when people hear the term ‘improvised explosive device,’ most immediately think of those used at an international level.

The explosive used on Wednesday, he said, “would be considered on the low end of that spectrum.”

Huisman said investigators do not believe the incident Wednesday night is linked to any kind of international terrorist activity. The investigation is “very fluid,” he said, adding that he could not comment on any potential persons of interest in the case.

More to come as investigations are underway.