Entry Refused For American Citizens in Canada Due to Unknown Reasons

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Petty much? It looks like that Canada is taking back a little for the people who were refused entry to the US. Now, Canada is refusing to give entry to American citizens and the number of refusals has increased significantly since last year.  

According to documents obtained by La Presse, in 2016, 30,233 Americans were refused entry to Canada. This represented a 31% increase than in 2015, where 23,053 people were refused entry. The numbers are still shocking as before the immigration ban, in 2014, 7,509 Americans were refused entry. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has not provided the media with the cause behind the refusal.

According to Nicholas Dorion, a spokesperson for CBSA, these numbers fluctuate year to year and CBSA is not at liberty to speculate. However, according to immigration lawyer Tamara Mosher Kuczer, these refusals might be due to an agreement between Washington and Ottawa made in 2013, which allows them to share information.

Under the deal, Americans having criminal records can be detected more easily by Canadian border agents. Before the deal, decades old infractions could not be detected at all, which created a huge issue at the border.

According to Dorion, the process is not that simple. If a person is refused entry by the border agents for the Immigration and Refugee Act, then the person has to leave by a method called ‘authorized to leave Canada’. Since the CBSA refused to give any detail about the reasons behind the refusal, the documents for ‘authorized to leave Canada’ were checked with the help of Access to Information Act.

After Trumps ban, despite giving asylum to refugees, Canada has increased security at the border. People refused entry to Canada mostly belong to Mexico with the US at close second. People from other countries that have been refused entry include people from China, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and France.


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