Ontario’s public sector wages revealed

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Ontario Power Generation employs the highest earning salary of any government job in Ontario revealed by the SunshineList.caJeff Lyash is the President and CEO of OPG and earns $1,165,701.85 a year in salary.

The list contains names of government workers earning more than $100,000 per year and in 2016 that list had more than 123,000 workers, including 15,000 police officers, 7,730 Ontario Power Generation staff and 6,900 teachers.

The Sunshine List first came out with just over 4,500 names 20 years ago by the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris, public workers are required to have their name, job, and salary open to the public if they earn more than $100,000 per year.

The province of Ontario annually publishes a list of public employees who earn $100,000 and above. These are released in inaccessible formats (html and pdf) not conducive to proper analysis. This tool provides greater transparency by making the data more accessible and combining data from past years to provide historical context. The added transparency provided is a benefit to the general public. In addition, the tool gives experts the ability to better analyse and make sense of the data.

SunshineList.ca makes every effort to provide accurate information based on the data provided by the Ministry of Finance. Our tool scrapes the publicly released information and enters it into our system. This large dataset is then used to generate the statistics we have made available.

Please reach out to us via Twitter if there are any errors not found in the Ministry of Finance data. Occasionally information for the same individual or employer is released differently in consecutive years leading to inaccuracies (ex. Middle name included or French corporate name appended, etc) skewing the results. When notified, we are able to correct these errors in our system so as to provide the most accurate results.


You can check out the list below and see for yourself the incredible amount of money given out to government workers.



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