Kathleen Wynne Has A Secret Millionaires Club From Hydro One

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has removed top paid Hydro One executives from the Sunshine List not to reaveal their salaries. 

The Sunshine List revealed salaries from public sectors workers for those earning more than $100,000 per year. 

Wynne and Hydro One have a unique relationship, a relationship that caused Wynne to drop in the polls down to $19 percent, and a relationship that cost Hydro One customers to empty their wallets. 

Hydro One received billions dollars with of contracts from the Ontario liberal government to start green energy programs, and the customer has to pay for that. 

Hydro One has increased their delivery charges, some customers have reported to pay 90 percent on energy delivery charges alone, the other 10 percent was from their actual power useage. 

Kathleen Wynne decided to take these Hydro One millionaires off the Sunshine List, but the public has the right to know, so here’s a few listed. 

  1. Hydro One CEO, $4,484,053
  2. Hydro One EVP, $2,873,346
  3. Hydro One CFO, $1,699,314
  4. Hydro One COO, $1,416,967
  5. Hydro One EVP, $1,242,075

These are the ones we know about, but how many more are there? How many more is Kathleen Wynne hiding of the 123,000 workers listed on the Sunshine List?