Trudeau Would Win Another Term If Elections Were Held Today

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A report from Global News says that Justin Trudeau would win another poll if the federal elections were held today. 

The poll conducted by IPSOS suggests that thirty nine percent of voters support Trudeau and the liberal party, and only thirty two percent support the Conservative party. 

British Columbia supports Trudeau and the liberals the most at sixty one percent, only thirty five percent of Albertans support the liberal party. 

From Global News

The poll found that over half of Canadians (56 per cent) continue to approve of the Liberal government, down from 61 per cent since the New Year. Disapproval of Trudeau’s performance climbed five points up to 44 per cent.

Thirty-nine per cent of decided voters would cast a ballot for the Liberals if an election were held tomorrow, while the Conservatives would win 32 per cent of the vote and the NDP 20 per cent — virtually identical to the results of the 2015 federal election, the survey found.

Many argue the Trudeau government should receive more support from Alberta due to his recent pipeline approvals, but Albertans don’t seem to forget the history Trudeau has. 

Trudeau as prime minister showed up for to Fort McMurray fired a full two weeks after the biggest fire in Alberta forced 88,000 people out of their homes overnight. Why did it take Trudeau so long? 

Or how about the time Trudeau delayed EI benefits for some parts of Alberta and made a comment saying Albertans “should be glad they weren’t hit harder” [on the oilfield crash]

It’s little things like that Albertans don’t forget, support for Trudeau is highly unlikely to come back. 

Many other polls have suggested Trudeau is losing support day by day, is the Ipsos poll inaccurate?