Quebec Police Say They’re Happy To Welcome American Asylum Seekers

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Hundreds of alysum seekers have entered Quebec since Donald Trump’s election, but not as many as Saskatchewan and Manitoba received.

Alysum seekers come to Canada in fear of being deported from the United States, according to the government 677 people crossed illegally into Canada in Quebec, total alysum seekers that crossed across the border in western provinces is 2,464 in 2016.

People are leaving America because they don’t support President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, entering into Canada because news spreads quickly that they will be welcomed in Canada by CBC and other mainstream media outlets. 

Quebec said they will always give illegal crossing Americans a warm welcome into Canada.

“We give them a warning that if you pass the border we are going to arrest you,” says RCMP spokesman Const. Erique Gasse. “This is not very common in our job, but when we say that, they start walking toward us!”

“They tell us they are interested in the story because of the way we treat them when they cross the border. For us, it’s a crime. We arrest them. We do our police work. But in other parts of the world they aren’t as warm as here in Canada.”

CBC says:

That warmth, the generosity of Canada’s refugee system, is a source of pride to many Canadians. It’s also a growing source of debate.

Canadians have already shown their anger towards the Trudeau government for having such slackish policies towards refugees and alysum seekers, more than 3,000 illegal crossings have been made by Americans, Canadians will accept them for now.

Canadians are concerned about the future of our country, will it get worse? 


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