Spring Breakup Is Here For Oilfield Workers

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It’s getting warmer everyday, road bans have been activated across Alberta, most road bans have been activated and announced on March 30.

As rivers start flowing and snow starts melting trucks can’t move, Hydrovacs, Vac trucks, Water trucks and Rig Movers can’t move and aren’t allowed to drive on most road bans.

Many oilfield roads are owned by oil companies such as CRNL, Canadians Natural Resources Limited gives some contractors exemptions to finish jobs if they are almost complete.

Oilfield workers call this time of year spring break up, this usually happens early April and goes on until early June. 

Oil and pipeline workers will be going back to work sooner this year as Alberta has recovered somewhat from the crash that started in February 2015.

Oil prices sit today at $50 per barrel and have been there sometime, that’s still not enough for more oil sands action yet, it’s enough to keep most oil busy with approved pipeline work and other odd jobs.

Let’s hope June comes fast enough for those who need it and continue the great energy stream Alberta provides for the economy.