Trudeau Wants A Re-Match With Matthew Perry For April Fools

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Two weeks ago actor Matthew Perry admitted to beating up Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in school, Trudeau responded for the first time on Twitter and said, “who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler?”

Two weeks ago ago Perry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show and said he beat up Justin Trudeau because he was the kid in school worth beating up in grade 5.

We hope that the match actually happens and Trudeau gets beat up bad, Perry stands a few pounds heavier than Trudeau and would crush him.

Justin Trudeau used to be a boxer:

However, his most striking career sojourn came in 2012 when he brawled his way to victory over Canadian Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match.

Trudeau won in three rounds, with the referee having to check several times whether Brazeau, the 3-1 favorite, was fit to continue, according to Canada’s National Post.


Do you want to see a re-match between Trudeau and Perry?


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