Canadian Airport Employees Investigated For Visiting ISIS Websites and Showing Signs of Radicalization

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The anti-Islamophobia motion has brought a wave of peace for Canadian Muslims. Canada has taken steps towards erasing racism amongst Canadians even though polls say they didn’t want it.

However, things aren’t as sunny as they seem. A team of journalist revealed in the JE program at TVA network how they had been working with the Canadian police when some of the employees at Montreal–Trudeau International airport showed signs of radicalization.

The investigation was carried out on four employees, amongst which two of them no longer work at the airport and the other two have been reassigned. The former two were deemed mentally unstable and their security cards were revoked. Amongst the two reassigned, one has access to planes and runaways.

His browser history showed that he regularly visited ISIS websites and had acquired documentation and books on assault weapons.

Another native Algerian employee posted an ISIS video on Facebook where Islamic militants are killing people in Mosul. Though he left Canada, the police still believe that he is in contact with some of the old employees who work in the secure areas. Another employee who had access to high secure areas suggested that they should carry out a similar attack to November 2015’s Paris massacre.

Amongst other problems, radicalization is the most worrisome one that puts thousands of people at risk. A problem like this at Canada’s most visited airport shows the weak side of Canada. Pierre Paul, a Conservative MP said in a Facebook post that the police and airport authorities must re-investigate each employee again to find out the truth behind each employee’s motive.

In most cases, these are the employees who had been working in strategic positions and are turned by radicals. This news might create a new wave in Canada and can put the Muslim community in danger again. Airport authorities have neither confirmed nor denied TVA’s report.

It is yet to be revealed why authorities have reassigned the two remaining employees rather than firing them and keeping them under surveillance.


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