Rachel Notley Calls Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s Breach of Interprovincial Trade Agreements “Myopic”

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Things seem to be heating up as Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall fight because of Wall breaching the interprovincial trade agreement. 

A letter was sent to the Whitecap Resources in which Brad Wall invited companies from Alberta to Saskatchewan by offering government building spaces, royalties and trimmed taxes and relocation of cost subsidies. To this, Notley accused Wall of being myopic and unwise.

In reply, Wall said that he is simply telling companies about the new government policies. He further said that he was not breaching the inter-provincial trade deals because there was no specific program for the relocation. He defended his actions by saying that it his job to attract new jobs to improve their corporate presence.

Notley said that prosperity comes through investing in business that have growth potential and not by stealing business from the country’s own province. Wall’s letter also said that businesses would be getting a no-carbon tax zone, to which Notley said that the statement is untrue.
After the 2017-2018 budget, Notley believes that Alberta will become one of the best places for entrepreneurs. One might say that Wall fears business owners will no longer expand their business to Saskatchewan.

This fight had been brewing for quite some time when Notley and Wall traded barbs on their respective budget. It all began when Notley said Wall’s 5% cut to education is the reason why the economy is not growing. Wall tweeted in reply and said, “Thanks, but no thanks”.

While the fight was still going on in the background, economic development and Wildrose Trade critic Prasad Panda met with highways and infrastructure, agriculture, and economy ministers on Thursday. He admitted that he was indeed taking advantage of the business boom in Alberta but as a critic, it was his job to discuss trade issues and economic plans, in order to build lasting relationships.