Trudeau smirks when promising to keep Canadians safe from ISIS sympathizers

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Yesterday during question period opposition leader Rona Ambrose confronted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about this “conversation” we must have with Canadian ISIS supporters. 

Trudeau’s response to the radical Muslims working in the Montreal Trudeau international airport was “we must have a conversation with them.”

The ISIS supporters working at the airport weren’t fired, they got moved to another part of the airport to keep them away from access to the runway and luggage areas. 

After Trudeau was confronted by Ambrose he responded and said this while smirking:

“We know we have to keep Canadians safe from threats of terror,” Trudeau said “We will do everything to make sure Canadians are safe. That is one of the fundamental responsibilities of any Canadian government.” 

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Justin Trudeau keeps inviting refugees to Canada on Twitter, Facebook and through CBC, his messages reach millions especially those to Muslim countries, ISIS supporters will take advantage of those messages and make their way to Canada. 

Thanks to Trudeau some Canadians have shown themselves as the people who welcome refugees in their home and help them settle in a foreign country with different values.

However, there’s no way to vet extremists from entering the country, Kelly Leitch has been promoting her campaigns to test new Canadians for Canadian values.

Leitch even promotes her campaign on conservative websites in America like Breitbart, do you agree with Kelly?