Border guards of Canada seized 415 deceptive visas and passports

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The Services Agency of Canada Border seized 415 deceptive visas and passports last year as tourist tried entering Canada with forged documents. The agency also outlined the documents presented in the House of Commons this week.

In February, Glen Motz, Conservative MP asked the government to provide breakdown of the fake passport and also the breakdown by the represented countries on the passports. Glen Motz also asked for the breakdown by embarkation of last country, this means breakdown of previous country where the person was before entering Canada. He asked for similar breakdown reports for deceptive visas.

There were 52 deceptive visa documents discovered and seized last year. All were fake Canadian documents and visa except the one from Burundi.

According to Dorion Nicholas who is a spokesperson for CBSA, people using fraudulent documents for entering Canada might be prohibited for different reasons. Dorion Nicholas also wrote an email saying “They may not necessarily pose a public safety threat to Canada and Canadians”.

There were 81 fraudulent documents seized by officials for India, which made India to be the worst offender in fake passports. When check the reason with Dorion Nicholas who is a spokesperson for CBSA responded, “It is not a practice of the CBSA to speculate on reasons why one passport is more commonly used fraudulently versus another.”

Apart from India, 28 fake passports of Canada were seized, followed by 16 fake passports from Mali, around 12 fake documents and passport from Italy, 11 from the UK and 10 fake passports both from China and Nigeria. Still 28 fake passports are kept in custody as “unknown” about their country of origin.

When the report was prepared for Glen Motz, about last country of embarkation, this breakdown report revealed that huge number of passengers managed to Enter Canada with fraudulent passport/ visa/ document from airports in Europe. 36 passengers boarded in the U.K., while 28 travelers boarded in France and around 30 boarded in Germany. There were 27 more with their embarkation country as the United States.


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