Canadians Continue Investing in AI Without Preparing or Planning for Its Consequences Baffles Workers

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As prime minister Trudeau pushes for plans to set Canada as the hub of AI intelligence, and as the Canadian government announced dedicating $C125 million ($123 million) in funding toward developing AI in Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal it has many job workers head turning. Sure, artificial Intelligence is the future, and it has been estimated that the rise of AI is just around the corner, which would mean that there will be self-driving and autonomous rigs, cars, and taxis roaming the streets of Canada. But it isn’t looking too bright for the taxi or truck driver.

However, it isn’t only the taxi and truck drivers that should be worried about their jobs, since it will start having a ripple down effect on almost every major industry. Experts have predicted that in the coming decade Canada will be facing massive job losses to artificially intelligent machines!

It is already being predicted that in 2017 alone, there are thousands of people about to lose their jobs to AI, and this is something that the Canadian government really should look at seriously. The government really needs to plan for dealing with proper tax programs and policies that will ease the impact of massive job loss.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently bullish about the future of artificial intelligence, and in addition to the latest federal budget that put forward $125 million towards AI, in order to push Canada at the forefront of research in AI, it was also announced that 25 university research chairs for this field have been created as well.

But the rise of AI machines is going to come with hardships for a lot of people, who will be out of jobs, with millions of jobs estimated to disappear by 2020. Current trends are estimating that market changes will mean that there will be 7.1 million jobs lost to AI, out of which 5 million will be related to white-collar office functions like administrative and office roles. It is predicted that lawyers and doctors will be part of the group hardest hit with the job loss. Unless Canadians push back, they are likely looking towards an “unexpected” increase in job loss.


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