Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Talking Bendable Doll Finally for Sale

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It’s a matter of grave concern that we address what we think about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s talking doll.

For all snowflake fans out there, this might me a real treat for you because frankly, we think this doll is extremely weird.

The doll is sold by Bradford Exchange and is labelled as a collectible.

Meaning: It’s more for adults rather than a play toy for kids. The doll is a limited edition collectible and speaks inspirational phrases.

While leftists might be happy taking selfies with this doll, which comes at a price of $130, it looks like the PM himself was not aware about the doll.

According to PM Trudeau’s press secretary Cameron Ahmad, they were not aware that a doll had been made. They denied any involvement with its creation and distribution.

The doll is handcrafted and stands 10 cm tall. It can also be bought instalments and is not for children below the age of 14. The doll sports a tie with a white dress shirt, scarf, overcoat, pants and shoes. It is standing on a blue circular base which has ‘Prime Minister Trudeau’ written on it.

According to the website that is selling the doll, it speaks various phrases, which vary from doll to doll. These phrases include “Canada is a country strong not in spite of our differences but because of them” and “A positive, optimistic, hopeful vision of public life isn’t a naive dream, it can be a powerful force for change”.

According to Bradford Exchange’s customer service representative, the doll was advertised in the start of the February and will be delivered to buyers in later summer.

A flyer was posted on Twitter introducing the doll. People’s reactions varied from weird to funny, where one Twitter even referred to it as a ‘Voodoo’ doll. A Twitter user said, “Wtf? No words” and one Facebook user commented “Comes with earplugs, a butt plug and a suitcase full of foreign donations”.

This is the second time PM Trudeau’s figure has made headlines after his promotional cut-outs, which is categorized as neither good nor bad.


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