Another Truck Plow Attack In Sweden Kills At Least Two

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Yet another truck plowed into a crowd of people killing at least 2 in Stockholm, Sweden early Friday morning.

The truck crashed into a department store and many people were injured and rushed to nearby hospital for treatment.

No one has claimed responsibility at this time but Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said indications lead to a terrorist attack. 

“Sweden has been attacked,” Lofven said. “This indicates that it is an act of terror.”

The Islamic state has been using this tactic over the last year to carry out attacks on multiple occasions. 

The first attack was truck attack that killed 86 people in Nice, France, in July and another that killed 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin. 

Another similar attack happened in downtown London when a Isis sympathizer ran a SUV down a busy sidewalk killing 3 and stabbing a police officer to death, the man was shot by police on the scene.