Canadian Lorne Grabher Ready To Fight for His License Plate

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Lorne Grabher is not ready to relinquish his license plate without a fight. The license plate with his German surname was deemed misogynist last week when the Department of Transportation received a complaint about the plate. Even though it was a single complaint filed by a woman who had seen the plate while driving behind Grabher, the Department of Transportation took immediate action because they thought it could promote violent behavior against women.  

It is unbelievable that a license plate that has been on Grabher’s car would garner attention now, after being used for 24 years. In a post on Facebook, Grabher wrote that he, neither his son had ever experienced any issues with the name plate. With a single call, his license plate is now labelled as a “socially unacceptable slogan”.

He further wrote “I feel this is a total abuse of power by Ms Director of Road Safety!” He questioned “Where does it state that my last name is considered a “slogan” in the Motor Vehicle Act?”

His Facebook post has garnered media attention on an international level and he received dozens of messages from people all over the world who supported him.

With the anti-Islamophobia motion being objected by almost half of the population of Canada, one would think that people would focus on more important matters.

The license plate might be interpreted as an insult if a person breaks it in two words. According to Grabher, his son also uses the same license plate and he has never encountered such problem. A single complaint by a woman has cost this man his surname, which has now become a mockery. A Facebook user commented on Grabher’s post that his sir name was quite common in Austria and had never created this kind of problem.

A letter has been sent to the government of Nova Scotia by Grabher’s lawyer that demands a decision to reinstate his license plate. The letter also said, “In a multicultural society, government must respect individuals’ heritage and freedom, and encourage community understanding”. The authorities were given a couple of days to reinstate the plate and their answer is due today.


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