Canadians Undergo Unnecessary Medical Tests All the Time

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There’s a new report out right now, which suggests that around one third of all Canadian patients undergo needless and unnecessary medical testing to diagnose or treat medical conditions. The study was carried out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, and analyzed 8 different types of treatment carried out all over Canada.

According to that data, around 30% of the patients over there were low-risk patients, who underwent pointless medical testing. The report of the study concluded that patients in Canada weren’t being advised properly by the medical professionals in matters of their health.

However, the Doctors Association claims that it is actually the patients who demand to get medical tests, since they want to clear any doubts and reservations regarding their health.

However, this also means that they incur medical expenses, which are completely unnecessary, while they can also suffer from negative effects of medical testing as well.

Patients, who undergo X-rays, are exposed to radiation, and therefore could end up getting a medical condition that will harm them in the future. The anxiety levels of patients are also needlessly hiked as they await test results for perceived conditions, which are in no way the cause of the problem.

It all goes to show that with proper medical guidance, doctors can help Canadian patients from further suffering, especially when they aren’t at any real risk to suffer from anything serious. It is all down to the medical climate in Canada, which promotes seeking diagnosis early in order to find out possible health complications that may occur further down the line.

In some cases, there may be a need for getting medical tests, but in the vast majority of cases, there really is no real case for getting medical tests done. You can easily avoid undergoing testing, and avoid the unnecessary anxiety and the medical expense you will have to incur as a result.


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