Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals wait for the Final Decision on Bill C-210 (Degenderizing Canada’s National Anthem)

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Degenderizing Canada’s National Anthem marks another historical event in PM Trudeau’s sissy swamp. Bill C-210 was introduced by late Mauril Bélanger, a liberal MP in 2016. He proposed changes to be made in the phrases of the National Anthem from “all thy sons command” to “all of us command”.

The bill is now being carried forward by the liberals on PM Trudeau’s directions. Being a feminist, PM Trudeau believes that necessary steps should be taken to provide an equal place for women. One wonders how this can be done by stripping Canada of its heritage. Conservatives and several politicians opposed the bill and describe the changes proposed to be ‘pedestrian’ and ‘clunky’.

It wasn’t only the politicians who were against the bill. Senator Joan Fraser from the liberal party opposed the bill too and said “It’s a fine example of what happens when you let politicians meddle. Politicians are not usually poets”.  

Senator Michael McDonald from the conservative party said that if every piece of history was changed just because it does not match the current generation, then Canadian nation symbols will be stripped of their value. The bill was only introduced for the English version since the liberal party new changing the French version would not get seal of approval from the social justice warrior.

The bill is now at its third reading and everyone is waiting for the final vote. The bill was passed in the House of Commons as it received widespread support from third-party New Democrats and the liberal government. The bill will be declared as a law if it receives approval from the Senate. Those who are in favour of the change wish to see the bill implemented by 1st July or early, so that Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation can be celebrated with it.

Fraser blames PM Trudeau for the change and says since he was elected as the prime minister; no good change has been brought in Canada.