Waterfall Lovers are Ruining Private Properties at Dundas & Flamborough

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It seems as if waterfall lovers don’t know a thing about trespassing on private property at Dundas and Flamborough, as residents over there are getting increasingly frustrated. People seem to think that its okay if they wander onto lawns, sit down on the patio furniture of people, and have their lunch right there! It has seriously got to the point where people are even changing their baby’s diapers, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, they leave the dirty diapers behind.

The city councilor has been inundated with complaints from residents about visitors trespassing on property, and running amok whenever they visit the popular waterfalls in Hamilton. The city council has at least recognized the complaints of the residents in that area, as they have promised to look into all the ‘negative impacts’ that are occurring on the surrounding communities of Dundas and Flamborough.

The locals have seriously had enough of visitors at the waterfalls, since they don’t have any idea about boundaries and will boldly sit on the patio furniture to have lunch or change baby diapers. The people living around the waterfalls have a right to feel aggrieved, because the number of visitors to these waterfalls is increasing rapidly, with fears of visitors running completely wildly on personal properties.

The City Council is expected to have a meeting about the intrusions and invasion of privacy for people living in the surrounding communities. The locations that have the most number of issues are Felder’s Wells, Albion Falls, Devil’s Punch Bowl, Webster Falls, and Tews Falls. The number of people visiting these areas has increased by so much that people are literally spilling out on the streets, and therefore look for place to rest and relax.

This is usually at the expense of private property, as they find lawns and patio furniture a place to sit down, to have a quick bite, or to change the diapers of their kids.


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