Change in the Poster of Canadian Centred “Anne of Green Gables” For American Adaptation has Canadians Unhappy

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Netflix has made Canadians unhappy all over the world just because of some changes in the “Anne” series poster. The carrot-topped, freckled faced heroine Anne Shirley has been digitally altered in order to give her a more modern and sophisticated look.

What is wrong with you Canadians? Children are dying in Syria, people are being interrogated as criminals on the border, someone is trying to smuggle in refugees and immigrants and you are worried about Netflix changing a poster! Only this week, US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the media how the recent air strike on Syrian air base was for the benefit of Syrian civilians. Instead of raising voice for innocent children dying in Syria, what are Canadians focused on? A series poster! Shameless.

The reason behind the upset was that generations of Canadians had seen Anne as the freckled faced teenager and the change somehow had diminished the character’s value. The early release of the poster, purely for promotion shows McNulty with the same background, attire and the flower crown. The only difference is that for the American audience, her skin has been given a tan and made smoother, devoid of any freckles. The yellow light eliminates the bags under her eyes and the signature buck teeth have been altered to give her a cleaner look.

The series is set to air on 12th March and its posters have been plastered in every Canadian city. The actress, Amybeth McNulty is 14 years old, whereas the character in the series, Anne is 11 years old.

After the poster’s release, a social media user took it to Twitter and expressed his displeasure on how the poster had been altered. Several Twitter users voiced their complaints and blamed Netflix for the change. There has been no comments made by Netflix till now and why would they on such a trivial matter! It’s time for Canadians to focus on important matters at hand rather than fighting about silly changes in a poster.


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