Royal Canadian Mounted Police Search for a Cellphone Tower Stolen From Egg Lake

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As bizarre news go, Canada takes the prize at this year’s opening for unique stolen items; and by unique, we mean something that you would never expect. One would say that nothing is safe in Canada, which makes quite a mockery of Prime Minister Trudeau’s ‘safe country’ claims. Even his commemorative doll falls short to deliver this promise.

North of Winnipeg near Egg Lake on Cranberry-Portage, a twenty metre cell tower was stolen. Yes, a cell tower! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s shout out on Thursday on Facebook to people to be on the lookout for a cell tower makes this news even more hilarious. It’s mind-boggling that a group of people stole a cellphone tower in broad day light.

The height of the cellphone tower is the same height of a building having six stories, which makes this theft complicated. The fact that it was carried out seamlessly is what has the police confused.

The tower supports wireless internet and is a cellphone booster. It was stolen on second April and the police asked for civilian aid on 6th April on Facebook. According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the cellphone tower was disassembled and then loaded on a trailer, which was being pulled by Dodge truck in red colour. The police believe that the suspects spent the night in the town of Manitoba, The Pas. They were last seen on PTH 60 heading east. The policed also urged civilians to report any sightings where cellphone towers might be loaded on the truck.

So far, no progress has been made on the whereabouts of the suspects. The question that begs an answer is why were there no CCTV cameras in the vicinity. It might have made it easy for the police to identify the suspects because it is possible that they might be travelling in a stolen vehicle, which makes catching them even more complicated.


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