Alysum seekers crossing into Canada receive up to $1,419 cash per month 

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Welcome to Canada says prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau never disclosed on twitter or publicly how much actual cash alysum seekers receive crossing the American border into Canada. 

Why do people cross the border? Because Trudeau welcomed them from President Donald Trump, on twitter, Facebook, and of course on CBC.

Has anyone asked why alysum seekers leave the United States? The country everyone dreams of going? Probably not, the big questions were, how can we accommodate them. 

If requirements are met, alysum seekers receive the following in cash reported by Global News:

Single person: $753 per month. 

Family of four, two parents with two children ages 4 to 6: $1,354 per month.

Family of four, two parents with two children ages 7 to 11: $1,419 per month.

This doesn’t include free health care, free legal aid, and a free place to stay until they become eligible to receive the cash. 

Thousands of Canadians are currently out of work receiving around $980 per month on EI, which has expired for many, the Canadian lifestyle costs a lot more than $980 a month, won’t you agree? 

Some reports say alysum seekers and refugees aren’t willing to find work, after one year records show only 20% of refugees found work. 

There’s a governing problem in Canada, and Justin Trudeau is supposed to fix it, but at the going rate Canada will be crippled soon. 

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