Canadians Need to Face the Dark Side of their History

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Everyone loves their own country, but not everyone is up for knowing the dark side of their country’s history. This is all down to pride and the shame that will overcome them if they look too deep into the darkest hours of their country’s history. Canadians celebrate their excellence in human rights, but they also have a dark side, which not many Canadians are familiar with.

Canadians should be proud of the fact that they don’t remember the shameful chapters of their country’s history, but there are some they should definitely know about. These are the turning away of the Komagata Maru, along with the MS St. Louis ships, which were carrying Jewish and South Asian refugees.

A lot of Canadians will simply choose to ignore the fact that they did anything wrong in turning away those ships, because they would much rather live in denial. Those who grieve, recognize that discrimination against refugees is all too common, and that was definitely a matter of shame for the country and all the citizens.

It is understandable that every country celebrates its glorious moments and ignores the shameful chapters, but you need to have balance. If you celebrate the good times, then you must reflect on the bad times as well. That is because if you don’t find anything shameful in your country’s history, then what is the point of celebrating it, because you don’t really have anything to be proud about.

Therefore, it is being encouraged that all Canadians should look at their history with a pinch of salt and not to look down at other country’s that commit atrocious acts, because they don’t have a particularly clean history as well. It is impossible to go through life, without committing some acts, that you’re ashamed of because life throws lots of unexpected scenarios.

People that deny of any shameful acts, are simply living in an alternate world and don’t want to accept the reality of the dark side of their country.


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