Trudeau Just Proved He’s Not Ready By Embarrassing Canadians 

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau lost it in his final day trip to France. 

Trudeau proved he’s “just not ready” to be a leader once again when he embarrassed himself on live TV while facing tough questions. 

Trudeau was asked about his stance on North Korea’s nuclear weapons, his response was very cringe worthy  and showed lack of experience in tough situations when facing reporters while representing Canada. 
Trudeau has been known to slur his speeches and answers to reporters with Uhmmm’s while facing tough questions, but this time he had some serious problems, he even paused for 11 seconds to think of his next words, embarrassment to say the least. 

Watch the video here

This also comes just days after Trudeau announced his support for the U.S. air strikes against the Assad regime, Trudeau said he fully supports Donald Trump’s decision on launching 59 missiles.

“(I) emphasized that Canada agrees that Assad’s repeated use of chemical weapons must not continue. In the face of such heinous war crimes, all civilized people must speak with one voice,” Trudeau told said. 

“That is why Canada fully supports the United States’ limited, focused action to degrade the Assad regime’s ability to launch such attacks. We continue to support diplomatic efforts with our international partners to resolve the crisis in Syria.”

Now, let me crawl into a hole until this whole Trudeau/North Korea situation blows over.