Trudeau’s Mess Invites More Refugees After Trump Bombs Assad Regime

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Looks like, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Decision to support the US President Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian air base might become a far bigger problem than he can handle.

Granted, we still think it was a good decision but combined with PM Trudeau’s ‘open doors’ welcome post, Canada must be prepared to welcome a new bigger wave of Syrian refugees.

World Vision Canada’s policy director said that the launch may cause an uproar and people might start migrating to neighbouring countries.

Up till now, the US has launched sixty missiles, which killed nine people that might have been behind the poisonous gas attacks.

Canadian aid workers are already dealing with crowded camps and this air strike has created a bigger problem, which has them scrambling to gather more resources. Fischer says that the air strikes might have given them a peace of mind that their children are safe from the poisonous gas attacks but the fear of a potential bombing on their homes has them leaving their homes.

The large influx of refugees creates a huge problem for the civilians. More refugees mean that NGOs need to increase their capacities of taking in these people. Sources such as food, clothes, medical supplies, etc need to be redistributed. Then there’s the country itself that needs to create a place for these people and it’s the civilians, especially children that suffer from this huge change. Fischer also says that Canadians can help refugees by offering asylum in their home but in light of the recent events, they are not too eager to offer anything. In fact, almost half of the population believes that Canada should stop taking in refugees.

It is believed that one hour before the air strike, PM Trudeau was briefed about the air strike by President Trump. Where Trump’s immigration policy and several other laws protect his country from intruders, PM Trudeau’s naive welcoming nature might have put his country in a deep mess.


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