Canadian War Museum and Canadian Museum of History Hike Admission Fees

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Have Canadians become power-hungry? With jealousy running high amongst the provinces, a fact that has been proven with the so-called free trade agreement, the news of the capital region’s Canadian Museum of History increasing its membership rates and admission fees still comes as a surprise.

Changes were made into the prices by the officials and took effect on 4th April. Regular admission for adults now cost $20, for youth $16 and for senior $18. Each ticket price was increased by $5. For children, the increase was limited to $3, making the ticket’s price $12.

According to the museum’s officials, the increased prices benefit the visitors. Entry to special exhibitions will be given on the same price and people can even see a film in the museum’s giant CINÉ+ screen.

This means, whether a person wants to see a film or not, he or she will be charged the same, which actually wastes their money.

The changes have been made just before the museum adds a Canadian History Hall to its exhibit. However, the museum has said that this is not the reason for the increase in prices.

On the other hand, the Canadian War Museum, a sister institution of Canadian Museum of History has increased its price to $17. Membership cost has increased from $90 to $125.

According to the museum officials, they regularly take a look at their admission prices to make sure that they are keeping up with the prices of what other museums are offering, so that they can offer premium quality service.

There are several museums that offer free entry but the war museum has no plans of such sorts. It does offer free exhibitions on Thursdays, Canada Day and several other days every year. While visitors having young children did not mind the increase in the prices, there were few with grown children who thought that the museum would be out of range for young families.


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