Is Trudeau Giving The Muslim Community Special Favour With M-103?

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Motion M103 has been passed by the Canadian House of Commons on March 23. It dictates that criticism of Islam is a form of ‘Islamophobia’, which has led to critics condemning the motion for an attack on free speech. The motion was put forward by Iqra Khalid, who is a member of the Liberal Party of PM Justin Trudeau.

Motion M103, states that the Government should condemn Islamophobia, in all forms of religious discrimination, and systemic racism. The motion was put to a vote, with 201 MPs voting for it, and 91 MPs voting against it. The text in the motion doesn’t clearly define what defines as ‘Islamophobia’, which has led to speculation that it may lead to the implementation of Shariah Law in courts.

This has led to a  petition against Shariah being circulated on the website of Parliament of Canada. The petition has been signed by more than 24,000 people so far. Born in Pakistan, Ms. Khalid had moved to the UK before moving to Canada, defined Islamophobia as “the irrational hate of Muslims that leads to discrimination.”

That isn’t the only part of the bill that has caused controversy, as one passage asks the government to act on quelling the public climate of hate and fear against Islam. The Conservative Party of Canada is currently holding leadership elections, with a lot of candidates standing against M103. On the election campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was championing the right for Muslim women to wear full face niqabs, and hijabs, and also made appearances at different mosques.

He has been championing the rights of Muslims in Canada, but this has also resulted in a lot of concern being raised by Canadians, who feel that the Muslim community is getting special favors from the government, while the issues of the rest are being ignored.