Canada’s Anti-Islamophobia Study Will Start Next Month

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Canada’s controversial anti-Islamophobia motion has been called for and it is passed. Now all that remains is for the motion to officially take effect, and it is very likely that will happen in the coming months. Calls for a study have ringing around for some time now, and the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage is planning to hear testimony from  various witnesses for studying the   recent escalation of Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination.

The committee is expected to pick up matters from where the motion was left off, which actually denounces all forms of discrimination, against Islam. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid has declared that the motion she had put forward was inspired in parts by another online petition focusing on how Islam is being perceived.

There were lots of people that opposed the passing of this bill, which was seen as something that would only work to impact on freedom of speech. The study is actually meant to cover the tone and scope of the meetings of the committee, which will determine whether it will actually be able to achieve something.

As is always the case, the NDP, Conservative, and Liberal members of the committee, will be putting names forward for their party. Then there will be voting on the witnesses until a mutually agreeable final list is reached.

The witness will then have to testify in relation to the study, which will be related to the tone and scope of the committee meetings. This will be done to ensure that all representatives of every religion are given equal time, and that Muslim issues will be addressed by liberal Muslims.

This petition is meant to be posted on the official government website, which had been created to support the opposition towards Shariah Law ever getting a foothold in Canada.