Canadians Oppose Policies that would Align Canada with Donald Trump

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A recent poll revealed that more than half of Canadians have switched their opinion and now think that Justin Trudeau is failing miserably to deal with Donald Trump. Apart from that 4 out of 5 Canadians believe that income inequality is on the rise, and a lot of people are unhappy with the policy ideas that will lead to Canada supporting Trump’s policies.

There are people who believe that the Federal Government shouldn’t chicken out of a policy, because they have to take a firmer stance against Trump’s agendas. This is led by the statistic that 77% of all Canadians have got negative opinions about Trump, specifically on issues that could affect Canada and the global community. There are only 15% Canadians that actually support Trump’s policies, with two thirds of people believing that Trump is a perpetual liar, and about 75% extremely worried or pessimistic about his four years in power.

According to the survey nearly 50% of Canadians think that Justin Trudeau is doing a good job when dealing with Trump, while the rest believing his performance to be fair, terrible, or poor. However, 60% of these people are fairly confident that the Canadian Government will be able to strike good deals with the United States.

Canadians seem to be in support of the immigration policies proposed by Trump, with 15% reporting they would increase immigration, 52% would keep it as it is, and 33% would like to see a decrease in immigration. About 69% of Canadians believe that immigrants should be screened on their entry to Canada, while 48% are in favor of accepting refugees from the U.S. with 46% saying they don’t support this notion.

This survey has made it clear that Canadians will oppose policies that will align Canada with Donald Trump’s policies.


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