Justin Trudeau’s Pot Promise Will be put to the Test Soon

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Justin Trudeau had planned to legalize Marijuana in Canada, and it was his signature pledge, but he is currently struggling to gain support for his plan. If he plans to successful run again in 2019, then he definitely needs to come through with his pot promise, but that is no easy task. The liberals aim to change the voting system when the 2019 elections come, and this will also see the legalization of marijuana being put on the table as well.

Trudeau critics have already lambasted him on his failure to come through on his promise, and plan to confront him on his failure to uphold a commitment. He is already facing a lot of heat, for presenting a budget that is three times larger than what was advertized, and there is no plan to return the budget back to normal. Trudeau has aimed to seek for alternatives of the voting system, but with compulsory and electronic voting both off the table; the choices are few and far between.

This will mean another failed promise by the liberals to change the way Canadians get to elect their government. Many believe that the only way Trudeau will be able to save face, will be if he managed to legalize marijuana, and it is imperative that he makes it happen.

However, there are conflicting reports that people in the Prime Minister’s own party aren’t too keen on marijuana legalization, and would much rather that it didn’t happen. They are apparently having second thoughts, even though about 70% of the general public supports this policy. A new study conducted reported by RPG Research Group, has found that with the government stalling on the marijuana bill, the pro-legalization brigade has reduced to around 51%, which means that Canada is going further away from legal consumption of cannabis.


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