Trudeau Liberals Provide Support Reluctantly for Trump’s Unilateral Attack on Syria

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Justin Trudeau has got his answer regarding the culprits behind the dreadful chemical weapons attacks in Syria, and the bombing of the hospital where the injured were being treated. He appeared in the House of Commons for briefing the MP’s on the U.S. cruise missile attack that targeted a Syrian Government base, launched by Trump.

The U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis had called the Canadian defense minister, who alerted Trudeau about the attack, an hour before it happened. Canada is unsurprisingly supporting Trump’s actions and also backed diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis.

However, Trudeau reportedly told reporters that there is still no evidence relating to who actually ordered the chemical attack. Trudeau declared that Canada was investigating with the United Nations in order to find the perpetrators to punish them.

The belief right now that it was Assad, and because Trump has already acted unilaterally, leaves Canada with no choice but to support the attack, for the time being. It seems at this moment in time, Trump and Trudeau are both on the same page regarding the use of chemical attacks and why there must be no such attacks in the future.

However, there remains the question that Trump had no real executive power to launch such an attack, as Trump didn’t seek approval from Congress, like Barack Obama had done. There are quite a few grey areas, which has meant that the Prime Minister’s Office have no choice but to fully support Trump at this moment in time.

Trudeau liberals believe that chemical attacks should be condemned in any case, but Trump didn’t actually operate within the boundaries as well. This poses a conundrum, and the ramifications may still be felt later on, but for the time being they are supporting Trump’s unilateral attack on Syria reluctantly.


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