Keystone Pipeline Final Decision To Be Announced

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It seems that the plans for the controversial and delayed Keystone XL pipeline will finally move forward, after the U.S. State Department granted a presidential permit to TransCanada. The Keystone XL pipeline has faced fierce opposition from environmentalists regarding the potential impact it will make on climate change. However, the pipeline isn’t out of the woods completely, as it still faces quite a few problems, most notably getting an agreement deal signed with the landowners, on the proposed route of the Keystone XL, and without a permit work wouldn’t begin.

Protestors haven’t given up on the pipeline and vow to stop the project, which is going ahead in order to carry crude from Alberta to refineries in the U.S. The Canadian company is working fiercely to get the necessary approvals and permits it needs to begin construction of the project, and get approval from the U.S. State Department and the President, since the Keystone XL project crosses over from the Canada-U.S. border.

Barack Obama had rejected the Keystone proposal, by claiming that it went against national interest, which caused TransCanada to challenge under Chapter 11 of NAFTA, by claiming that the U.S. government was breaching legal commitments. However, Donald Trump vowed to reverse the decision, when he was campaigning for president, and is taking the necessary steps to ensure that it happens by signing an executive order that allowed TransCanada to reapply for the permit.

He also promised a decision in 60 days, and now that deadline has expired this Monday. The company released a statement thanking Trump’s administration for taking this important initiative and is excited about strengthening and investing in North America’s energy infrastructure.

The White House has also released a statement that Trump will be making an announcement on Keystone XL at the end of this week.