Tory Senator is Still Defending Comments on Residential School

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Conservative senator, Lynn Beyak is still defending her controversial remarks regarding Canada’s residential schools, and claimed that she wouldn’t step down from her seat on the Senate’s aboriginal peoples committee after the backlash.

There have been calls for her to step down after her comments, but Beyak is not even considering that as an option at this point. Her office claimed that we are in an era of ‘fake news and exaggeration’, where things are taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

Her office later released another statement that it was great to know well-informed citizens check their facts and do their own research to find the truth and assess everything they see and hear. Beyak supported her comments, and stated that it is unfortunate that her remarks were taken in the wrong manner to make it newsworthy.

Her comments had invoked massive disapproval, and led to people calling for her to resign from her position. Liberal MP Don Rusnak, stated that he was extremely disappointed by the comments of Beyak, and was planning to talk with her about residential schools and their legacy. He claimed that if she couldn’t see the problem with the comments she mentioned in the Senate, then she has no right to be sitting at her seat.

The chair of the Senate aboriginal peoples committee, Sen. Lillian Dyck, released a statement claiming that she doesn’t have the authority to remove Beyak from her seat, but insisted that Sen. Beyak think about her position on the committee, and whether it will be in the best interests to stay on.

It remains to be seen whether the controversial comments made by the senator will increase more pressure on her to resign from her position in the coming weeks.


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