Trudeau Blames RCMP For Breaking Laws During His Bahamas Vacation

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Justin Trudeau has come under fire for blatantly misleading Canadians when he flew to the Bahamas in Aga Khan’s helicopter, since that was the only mode of transportation to the private island of the Billionaire. This has given the opposition all the fuel they needed, and have launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister, and demanded to know why arriving by helicopter was the only way to get to the island as a government employee had got there through a seaplane.

Rona Ambrose, the opposition leader demanded to know why  the Prime Minister chose to have a vacation, at one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world, the cost of which will come out of pockets of taxpayers. Apart from that, they have taken issue with why Trudeau decided to go in a private helicopter when there was a law specifically against that.

This goes against the guidelines set by the Prime Minister, and he deliberately lied to suggest that it was the only way to travel to the private island. New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen, labeled accusations against Trudeau as misleading Canadians into thinking that he is above the rules.

Trudeau has declined to comment on the matter, and has claimed that it was a private family vacation, and he would answer any questions that Mary Dawson, who is Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, may want to ask him. He also claimed that he only used the Aga Khan’s helicopter, after it was suggested to him by the RCMP.

The ethics investigation is well underway, after complaints surfaced about the vacation and allegations levied against Trudeau regarding his violation of government rules. The rules specifically dictate that no prime minister, cabinet ministers, and parliamentary secretaries may accept free travel on a non-commercial chartered, or private aircraft, before gaining approval from the Ethics Commission.


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