Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Plan is designed to Diminish Criminal Roles

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The federal government in Canada is moving towards marijuana legalization after 94 years of prohibition resulted in nothing but abject failure. The government is looking to legalize marijuana and at the same time, toughen up the criminal code, so that they come down hard on dealers that are targeting minors and those that end up driving when high. This historic legislation will lift prohibitions on recreational use of marijuana, and it will shift Canada’s position as a major country relaxing on laws for illicit drugs.

It is planned that by 2018, Canada will be the first G7 country, and the second in the entire world after Uruguay, where cannabis will be legal to use throughout the land. However, the Trudeau government is currently working on finer details of the plan, which aims at reducing the impact of criminal organizations in the marijuana industry, and place limits on the availability of cannabis to the youth.

The legislation also has a bill that will form a new federal-provincial regime for production and selling of cannabis, while strengthening laws about DUI driving at the same time. The legislation will allow all Canadians over the age of 18 to buy marijuana in provincially regulated retail spaces, through mail, or even grow a maximum of 4 marijuana plants at home. The possession limit of dried cannabis will be around 30 grams, while limits for edible cannabis will be planned later.

The legislation is still lacking rules and regulations, on key issues such as taxation levels, marketing rules, packaging, and the price of marijuana. In the meantime, federal ministers have warned people that marijuana is still illegal to use in Canada, unless used medically, until the legislation passes and is applied all across Canada.


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