Canadian Agency Has Delayed Approval for a Nuclear Waste Site

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The Canadian government has delayed the approval for a controversial nuclear waste site in Ontario. This is after Justin Trudeau’s administration asked for more details from the Ontario Power Generation Utility regarding storage of low-level and mid-level radioactive material in different locations. They site will be around 2,230 feet below surface and is less than a mile from the shore.

Officials say that the rock formation and the depth of the lake, makes it great for storing wastes for hundreds of years, but there has still been serious opposition regarding the project and its resolutions from the House and Senate.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in its letter stated the need for further details on the claims made by the Ontario Power Generation. The Canadian federal government has delayed final approval, since November 2015, due to concerns about the nuclear waste site and the dangers it presents to the environment.

The government wants the Ontario Power Generation company to come up with alternate sites, so that there is minimal risk to the environment. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency conducted a technical review of the information offered by the company for alternative sites, and deemed the entire project as too costly. They sent a letter to the agency regarding nuclear waste management, which explained the negative effects of going after alternative sites, since it will not only cost more, but will also have greater impacts on the environment.

The company has been looking for approval for decades to bury low to mid-level radioactive waste into the ground, but Catherine McKenna, the federal Environment Minister, called for the company to offer more information, and research on different locations that were further away from the lake.

For the time being, this delay is proving to be extremely frustrating for the Ontario Power Generation Utility, and it remains to be seen what decision will be made by the government.


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