Canadian Chicken Farmers Fighting Against Negative Portrayals

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Canadian chicken farmers are fighting back against an irresponsible and inaccurate depiction of chicken production in Canada. There are about 2,800 chicken farmers all over Canada, and various animal welfare groups are sensationalizing footage in order to characterize and accuse the chicken farming industry in Canada.

It is done by a group called Mercy For Animals, which is using video footage that is recycled from various previous undercover video campaigns. It is playing it as acts done by chicken farms in Canada. This has seriously irked chicken farmers in Canada, as they feel as if they are being targeted with negative portrayals about the chicken farming industry, and all related foodservice and retail companies.

The chairman of Chicken Farmers of Canada, Benoit Fontaine stated that more than 90% of farms are subjected to audited and mandatory standards of animal welfare, which have set zero tolerance policy for any kind of animal abuse. The footage that is being circulated by animal rights groups is not taken from a Canadian chicken farm, rather, is being recycled from a previous campaign that took place in different countries around the world.

Normally, every poultry farmer in Canada is required to work with Animal Care Program. The national program includes  an audited system relying on third-parties to ensures objective assessment. It is administered for all 2,800 chicken farms that are in Canada. The program has been developed by the Code of Practice of the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), which is credible, and is a science-based foundation.

According to Fontaine, hardworking men and women that work at chicken farms in Canada take complete responsibility for ensuring proper animal health and welfare on their farm. They are proud to promote and defend good management practices, and don’t mistreat any chickens on the farm.