Justin Trudeau Caught in a Mess with Fossil Fuels and Renewables

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Justin Trudeau is caught in a right mess with the policies of fossil fuels and renewable. He is attempting to play on both sides of the fence when it comes to Canada’s energy strategy, but it isn’t working out. He has approved three energy projects in his first 16 months, which include two export terminals and a pipeline that will help driller’s ship products from abroad, and boost Canada’s economy.

Meanwhile he has also supported the development of renewable energies, and has also spoken out against climate change. Trudeau’s comments have landed him in a spot of bother, and it is his stance on renewable energy and fossil fuels that is causing the major problem for him. Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world and provides more than 40% of crude oil to America, which means that Canada has a major hand in boosting U.S. economy.

Trudeau firmly believes that a safe environment and energy growth can grow and co-exist alongside each other, but according to energy industry consultants, this is a very centrist approach to take. It also puts you at risk, because you can get attacked from both sides, and Trudeau realizes that the Canadian government has often taken a controversial approach towards this subject.

According to Trudeau the Canadian government is trying to have it all, because they are moving forward on pipelines, and also moving ahead on climate change. Trudeau claims that there is nothing wrong with oil pipelines, because it is safer, and will lead to less pollution for the environment.

Trudeau is clearing looking to bettering the economic future of Canada, but at what cost to the environment? The decisions he makes now will impact on Canada for years to come, which is why he has been caught in a right mess at this moment in time.


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