Justin Trudeau’s Undo Everything Approach is Entirely Wrong for Canadians

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems hell-bent on reversing every single Conservative initiative, and it seems that it is this approach of “undo-everything that the Conservatives did,” which is going to come back and bite him in the end. Put aside the issue of whether the actions taken by these Liberals are going to be motivated by antipathy, ideology or politics, the main concern is regarding the impact that these policy reversals will have on the people of Canada.

It is understandable that the Liberals will have differences with the Conservatives on policies, such as legalization of marijuana, but not every Conservative policy was bad for Canadians. This is why an all-out war on all Conservative policies is bad news for Canadians, since it will only lead to chaos. There are many policies proposed by the Conservatives, which were in the best interests of Canadians, but Justin Trudeau seems intent on reversing every contribution the Conservatives have made.

This anti-Conservative ideology, is overriding common sense, and is going to compromise public safety, after the government reversed a law that canceled Canadian citizenship for a person that was found guilty of espionage, treason, or terrorism. The actions taken by the government are confusing for many people, because it seems like a personal vendetta, which isn’t in the best interests of Canadians.

It is difficult to explain what the Liberals will gain by killing every policy of the Conservative government, because at the end, it is the Canadian people that are going to suffer. Acting on the instinct of reversing everything your predecessor did sounds like bad decision-making, and is going to alienate voters for the Liberals who are enjoying their honeymoon period.

Right now the difference between the electorate of the Conservative and Liberal party stands at 7% but it is declining faster, with the baffling decisions made by the current government.