Rachel Notley’s Green Attacks Are Targeting the Weak

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Natural gas bills currently have a lot of fixed charges, none of which have anything to do with the blue-flame fuel reserve charges, variable distribution charges, and monthly fixed charges. This is not the right way to make policy, and it seems as if Rachel Notley has deliberately tried to target the weak, especially when you compare carbon tax with the cost of gas.

The ‘green’ tax is about 34.7% of the entire natural gas we have consumed, and it has seen the cost of gas rise. Currently the HST rates in Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia are the highest in Canada, with HST around 15% in those provinces.

In Alberta, Notley has imposed a new carbon tax, which is double than the highest HSTs in Canada, with the Liberal government in Ottawa also adding GST to the NDP’s carbon tax. This has meant a rise in the average family utility, since GST is at a staggering 20% higher rate! Make no mistake about it, this is all down to Notley, who is focused on enriching the treasury of Justin Trudeau and is imposing taxes on just about anything that moves.

This isn’t the worst news because next year, the Notley government is planning to raise taxes on natural by more than 50%, which is going to hit the poor hardest. Notley’s tax increases will definitely make a major impact on Canadian economy, and it is already crushing costs for senior facilities and non-profit organizations. It has caused the Calgary Food Bank to spend an addition $31,000 a year, thanks in large part to the carbon tax, and it will have similar impacts on a lot of senior’s homes, where the rates will rise by more than $10 a month.