Canada’s National Defence Budget Cuts Throws Military in Crisis

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In a move that no Canadian thinks is going to be good for Canada, Justin Trudeau and his administration have gone ahead and cut the budget for future equipment of the Canadian Military by $8.4 billion! That is a major budget cut, and it has had the adverse affect on the national defence. The defence budget now stands at just 0.88% of the GDP, which is a record low for Canadian military spending.

Make no mistake about it, the Canadian military is in a full blown crisis, and according to the Senate report, this could lead to the Canadian military facing a significant risk and a catastrophic failure. The Conservative government preceding Trudeau’s had increased military spending, but it had still stayed around the 1% mark.   

However, things have gone from bad to worse under the Trudeau government, as he has not only cut billions from the budget, but has also refrained from spending the NATO requirement of 2% of GDP that needs to be spent on defence. This lack of spending has seen Canada’s influence weaken in the world, and has place Canadians in danger.

At a time when the world is at the brink of war, with Russia, China, North Korea, and the US flexing their military muscles, the current government is weakening the Canadian military. This lack of spending is also a sign of disrespect to the military troops, as the ones that serve our country and put themselves in harm’s way, at least deserve to have the best military equipment.

The Canadian military has been considerably weakened by these budget cuts, and it is entirely the fault of Justin Trudeau, who is giving away billions to foreign powers, and is cutting down financial support for his own military. It is nothing but disgraceful, and will definitely come back to hurt Canadians in the future.