Trudeau Walking on Thin Ice with Canadians after Deficits

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It can be safe to say that Canadians are not fans of the federal budget released by Trudeau’s government, with only 5% Canadians holding a positive view, and 33% having a somewhat positive view of the budget. This in contrast with 22% Canadians, who have negative views, and 30% Canadians having somewhat negative views, and 11% Canadians unsure about the budget.  

Canadians are all in favor of deficit reduction, as 80% say that ending the budget deficit is important, but the latest budget proposed by the Trudeau government is clearly not what they had in mind. Trudeau has not managed to uphold his promises and his huge budget deficits have not been seen as favorable by many Canadians.

This is because these budget deficits have done nothing to improve the economy, and help the low-income to middle class Canadians. People don’t know where the money is going, with a $28.5 billion projection deficit for this year. Let’s not even talk about the Carbon tax plan, which has caused another shit storm, and it seems that the Trudeau government is now only coming out with policies to spite the Canadian people. It is a right mess from top to bottom, and reducing deficits with no changes in economic benefits for the people is a great recipe for pissing off your supporters.

The price of basic necessities like fuel, and food are expected to increase, and Trudeau’s policies have already undermined Canada’s economic competitive with the US, which means that jobs will not be offering sufficient pay to Canadians as well. It has become clear for everyone that big government is an outright failure, and the only saving grace for Canada right now will be economic liberty.

People don’t want the government to keep reducing deficits and not improve living conditions for the common Canadian. They want real change that benefits them, not just the politicians elected by them.


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