Backbench Liberals Turn their Backs on the Controlling Methods of Trudeau

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not having the best time this year, and there is growing distension in his own Liberal government. This has all been brought about the anti-democratic agenda of Justin Trudeau, and now he has lost the support of backbench Liberals, who have turned their backs on Trudeau, because of his controlling methods and globalist agenda.

A lot of the backbench MPs are really upset about how Trudeau is running the government and have clearly decided that it is time they offered their support someplace else. The NDP and the Conservatives are now working together and fighting against Trudeau’s attack on democracy, because in order to pass rule changes to the House of Commons means that you need the support of other parties.

This has slowed down the Liberal government and given them food for thought, because they assumed that since they had won House majority they would have everything their own way. However, this is the House of Commons and not the House of Cabinet, meaning that they don’t care about who holds majority. There is growing dissention in Trudeau’s own party, which is largely down to the dictatorial tactics of Trudeau, and how he is trying to take away power from the opposition parties. The backbench MPs have clearly had enough, and are now speaking out against Trudeau, after his policies weakened the military, increased taxes, and helped foreign powers over Canada.

With Trudeau’s approval ratings dropping rapidly, it seems that the Canadian people will finally see an end to the dictatorial reign in office of Justin Trudeau. Right now, backbench MPs need to start putting more pressure on Trudeau and his government, and they are on the right track currently.