Canada Should Have Tougher Punishments for Atrocious Crimes

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Justin Trudeau has not been having a good time this year, and his government is under fire from all quarters at this present moment. There is massive pressure placed on them for their marijuana legalization plans, with questions being asked regarding the lack of moral reasoning that separate sentences for illegal acts, and lengths of punishments.

The new marijuana legislation by the government, states that anyone that sells or gives marijuana to youth, can face up to 14 years in prison. This is exactly the same punishment that is meted out to anyone that has sexually assaulted someone under the age of 16. This has caused great controversy, because there are people in Canada that have served lesser sentences than 14 years in prison for atrocious crimes like murder.

The Trudeau government is receiving flak because they have placed sexual assault and murder in the same category as giving marijuana to a youth. This simply doesn’t make sense and the major issue is that the punishments for heinous crimes are very lax in Canada. The previous government did make an effort to bring out tougher punishments and try and fix the broken justice system, but Trudeau hasn’t done anything of that sort. This is one of the main reasons why the justice system in Canada remains weak, and without any moral compass.

All actions should have consequences, because if that isn’t the case, then all Canadians are at risk. The government has to impose severe punishments and sentences for atrocious crimes, because they send a strong signal to the perpetrators. The Canadian society will never become strong if people, who commit heinous acts, are given lenient punishments for crimes that should carry the harshest penalties. This is the reason why every Canadian should demand the government to change their soft-on-crime policies, which have made the justice system of Canada into a joke.