Find out Why Justin Trudeau is Disloyal to Canada & Has Betrayed Canadians

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It seems that Justin Trudeau doesn’t think that he is doing anything wrong as Prime Minister of Canada, but his policies and agendas have fallen woefully short of what he promised. Make no mistake about it, Trudeau has betrayed Canadians and is disloyal to Canada. He has the choice to do the right thing, but he has constantly chosen the wrong option, which hasn’t benefited the people who elected him.

There is far too much evidence against him that points to the fact that Trudeau really hasn’t worked for the benefit of Canadians. This has meant that the vast majority of Canadians have lost faith in him, because he has shown no loyalty to Canada. He has dictatorial tendencies, and there is a lot of concern regarding the disloyalty of Trudeau towards Canada.

There are people that still don’t accept that Trudeau could stab them in the back and are willing to give him more chances, but there is a large majority that has made their minds up. His controversial policies have led to major differences in the political parties, with Trudeau painted as a global elitist by almost all quarters. There have been allegations labeled against him that he only cares about his public image and will do anything to ensure that it isn’t tarnished, even if it comes to not serving Canadians properly.

Justin Trudeau has proven to be loyal to the global elites, and has a shocking inability to provide criticism to policies that harm the Canadian people. He is focused on empowering the United Nations but doesn’t do anything when it comes to empowering Canada. They say actions speak louder than words, and Trudeau’s actions have considerably weakened national strength and sovereignty in Canada.


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