Justin Trudeau Chooses to Remain Silent on Easter Sunday Arson at Christian Church

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Justin Trudeau has made it his ideology to be politically correct at all times, but he only chooses to use it when he wants to. But why is that? Justin Trudeau remained silent on an arson attack at a Church in Toronto, which speaks of a bigger issue. According to numerous reports the fire at St. John the Evangelist Church was deliberately set and canceled Easter Services.

The man behind this atrocious act was identified as Marc Porlier, a 43 year old male, who have released videos previously, in which he criticized the Catholic Church. However, the most irksome part of the entire story is that Justin Trudeau either chose to ignore this news, or simply decided to remain silent on it, which no one can understand.

This was an act of violence against a religious institution and yet Trudeau and his elites had nothing to say about it. Some of his administration did acknowledge the attack and labeled it as a terrible thing for Christians to suffer on their holiest day of the year. Even then, Trudeau remained silent, with not even a single tweet about the arson attack. It is this hypocritical double standard of Trudeau and his elites, who have previously rushed to condemn bigotry and violence against other religions, but choose not to say anything when it is the Christians that are targeted.

It is this double standard that needs to come to an end, because the life of every Canadian citizen is precious and should be protected by the elected leaders of the country. There should be no place for political correctness when it comes to condemning acts of violence against any religion. However, it seems that Trudeau and his elites have developed intolerant attitudes towards crimes that are targeted on Canadian Christians. This is one of the main reasons why he has lost all credibility and moral authority to lead Canada.


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