Canada has fallen from its former glory

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Despite being married, girls and women still love Trudeau. However, his beauty might be costing Canada in many ways. With so much going on right now in Canada like military defenses and scientific research experiencing cuts, Canadians raising their voice against the federal budget, rallies being carried out weekly and not to mention the mess on the border, one might think that people would think twice about visiting Canada.  

According to Expedia Viewfinder, the “Expedia Trudeau Travel Effect” is the time period between 2015 and 2016, following Trudeau’s victory in the elections. The formerly demure and quite country is no longer just a name on the map. In these past two years, sales on Canadian air tickets have increased to 65% and that from one country only.


Amongst this surge, the two countries that made up most of this percentage was Singapore and Rome. Most Romans compare PM Trudeau to Julius Caesar. According to Expedia, he has that charisma of a handsome and strong leader. 55% of the bookings came from Rome and the rest was from other countries. PM Trudeau has strong ties to Singapore, which might be another reason for the surge of visitors to Canada. PM Trudeau’s mother’s great-great-great-grandmother Esther, daughter of William Farquhar, a British major, was amongst the founders of Singapore.

Since Trudeau’s inauguration as the prime minister, Canada has fallen from its former glory. In fact, the country is experiencing more difficulties now than ever. One of the reasons why it might not be a good idea to visit Canada right now or on its 150th anniversary on 1st July is the anti-Islamophobia motion. The motion is being seen as a double standard move by PM Trudeau that is infringing on free form of speech. Frankly, we have no idea whether we should point our fingers at PM Trudeau or the Canadians for creating this whole mess.


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