First Nations Aren’t in Favor of Trudeau Cancelling Northern Gateway Pipeline

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When scrutinized, the First Nations and elitist narrative on the environment don’t really match, which should be expected as the politically correct elites like to oppose all energy projects. They build a narrative about First Nations people opposing resource development in Canada, and then use it to demonize any support that is developing on the natural resource wealth of Canada.

It is a complicated game, but if you dig deeper, you will realize that the facts are vastly different from the elitist narrative. The majority of First Nations bands located on the Northern Gateway pipeline were in support of the project, but Trudeau cancelled it, without listening to them. The First Nations leaders were hopeful of the project and had expected to share a part of the $2 billion in job and business opportunities that the project would have created.

However, Trudeau decided not to consult with the First Nations, and went ahead to reject the Northern Gateway pipeline. This has seriously insulted the First Nations leaders, as they feel insulted that Trudeau didn’t consult with them first. The First Nations are trying hard to get out of poverty, and stop relying on the welfare system, but every time they get an opportunity, it gets destroyed.

The First Nation leaders have grown skeptical about the policies and interests of the elitist, since they are trying to create opportunities and jobs for their communities, but the big government elites don’t want their people to get out of poverty. Opposing the pipeline wasn’t about helping First Nations or the environment in the first place, as the elitists like to highlight the First Nations opposing pipelines, but don’t show them if they support the pipeline.

This is done because it doesn’t fit the elitist narrative and therefore is silenced before it gains any traction.


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