Justin Trudeau ‘Not Fit to Lead’ According to Pat Stogran

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Pat Stogran kicked off his election bid to head the Federal NDP by coming out all guns blazing after Justin Trudeau, and labeled him ‘Not Fit to Lead’. This is the first foray into politics for the retired colonel and a Veteran of the Afghanistan War, Stogran, and he is definitely not holding back. He opened his campaign speech by publicly attacking Trudeau, saying that the Prime Minister prefers to hide behind ‘smiling selfies and loquacious lies’.

He is clearly not a fan of Trudeau and called his administration as, ‘It’s just the same old garbage in a different-colored bag.’ He ripped into the Conservatives and the Trudeau in his speech, and called out the morally and functionally bankrupt government. He plans on breaking the system and lead Canada into a future, where it is Canadians first, and the rest later.

Stogran has had a long and illustrious military career, which began in Bosnia, 1994, where he was a UN Military observer, and in 2002 he commanded a Canadian infantry unit in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Harper appointed him as the Veterans Ombudsman in 2007, and he became the first in Canadian history to hold that title. However, he was still very critical of the government, and claimed that they under-funded Veterans, which led to Harper not reappointing Stogran in 2010.

Stogran wants to end monopoly rule of the Conservative and Liberal parties, and wants the NDP to build on their social democratic principle in order to win. The main policies that Stogran is going with are:

  • Supporting oil pipelines
  • Opposing toll roads
  • Opposing carbon taxes
  • Ending the use of fossil fuels gradually, rather than quickly
  • Ending pensions for MP’s

He is also not a fan of the marijuana legalization plan of Trudeau, because it has too many loose ends.