Justin Trudeau’s Government Still Not Fixing ‘No-Fly’ List

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Canada has a serious problem with its ‘No-Fly’ list, and it is time that the government did something about it, as it is causing problems for Canadian citizens. The main problem is the lack of a proper system, which will distinguish between security threats and names matching those security threats. There have been plenty of examples in recent times related to the ‘high profile’ nature of the no-fly risk.

There have been youngsters and teenagers caught up in the mess, which has led to calls for a revamp of the ‘No-Fly’ list. The number of people getting caught inaccurately on the no-fly risk is increasing, and the government is still not doing anything to resolve this problem. The problem lies in the system, which is extremely poor in identifying security threats, and is very unreliable in nature.

The problem is compounded by the fact that the Trudeau government is ignoring security experts, and hasn’t come up with any plans to fix the ‘No-Fly’ list, which is managed by border service agencies, Department of Public Safety, and Transport Canada.

It makes sense that the departments in charge of managing the border, transportation, and safety manage this list. However, the government seems to think that it isn’t a dangerous problem, which isn’t the right attitude to take towards a matter of national security. Canadians are already wary of the dangers posed at airports, but the lax attitude of the government to fix the ‘No-Fly’ list is putting Canadians in harm’s way.

It is down to the government to ensure that it protects the Canadian people, and fix anything that is inconveniencing them. The safety and security of Canadians is paramount, but the lack of proper measures being implemented by the government is concerning. This is just another reason why Justin Trudeau and his administration are unfit to be in power.


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